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imemymine:3 <3

Hye there .my name is Siti Nurhavivi's .13 years old.scholl at SMK Lok Yuk,Likas  . .want to know more about me  ?? add me in Facebook 'Bibi Dellownessta':) i love Mr.H , ,he mine !! Do not take him from me  . .i tembak u;') eheheh . . i love to text wit ur Fwen . .love to on9 . like to share story wit my fwen . and more . .i noise ?? sikit2 la . .hehe ILOVEMYFRIEND:') .,IMISSMYFRIEND . .my fwen miss me ? ?donnow . .haha . I like to SMILE:) . .i 'm HAPPY wit all this .:) I'm ugly ??'yess . .i'm:)
you think you so beautiful . .??''eye ke awak cantik ,,saya rasa tak pun ""hehe ..so ,Do not make fun okay ?
Okay that's all i can do :) Don't Forget to ADD me in Facebook:) .Love .Laugh .Live :3 <3

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